Burn the energy

The ASPCA put it perfectly when it stated that dogs today are basically unemployed. They have been bred for centuries to herd, protect, hunt, etc. Not having these jobs leads to boredom and excess energy.

Make the friends

We can accommodate dogs of all shapes sizes and personalities from Feisty Fidos to Couch Potatoes. We will customize their day based on their needs. At Smart Dog Dallas, we allow your pet to roam openly with other dogs of a similar size and/or temperament throughout the day.

Enjoy the peace!

For a variety of reasons, many pet owners just don’t have as much time as they would like to spend with their pets. You work long hours, travel a lot, don’t have the time or energy to exercise your pup at the end of a long workday, etc.


One Dog
One Day

$26 / day
  • Standard rate

One Dog
Half Day

$16 / half day
  • Standard rate
  • Up to 5 hours
  • Packages available

Two Dogs
One Day

$43 / day
  • Standard rate

Three or
More Dogs

Call Us / for a quote
  • Call for rate


Nail Trim

$14 / per dog
  • Only if your dog cooperates

Transport to Groomer

$10 / per dog
  • Uses the SDD Van



$0 / per dose
  • Includes injections


$32 / per dose
  • Oral version, good for 1yr


$6 / per dose
  • Flea prevention

Vectra 3D

$12 / per dose
  • Flea prevention+

Chauffeur not included in the prices above


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Reservation Notice

We request you make a reservation for daycare as well as boarding to ensure we have a safe and manageable number of dogs. Asking at least 24 hours ahead is the best way to guarantee your spot. We understand that last minute needs occur and will do our best to work w/ “day of” reservations. In those situations, there may be a $10 fee assessed.

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