We will administer your pup's prescription medication or one of the various medications we offer! No extra charge.

Bring food!

We highly recommend that you send food along with your pup. We can provide “emergency rations” if necessary, but it is better for your dog to stay on a consistent diet.

Open Play

We offer everyone open play, every day, for no extra charge! Please see our Daycare page for details!

When you are away, please let our family take care of your family!

We offer our dog guests a schedule that is structured to resemble home. We rise and shine at 6:30am for a potty break before breakfast, then playtime with the group in either our outdoor or indoor (climate controlled) spaces. Lunch is at noon for those who need it. Dinner is at 4:30, then a little more play time until 6:30. Our bedtime potty break is around 9pm. Each dog gets their own crate to be used for eating and sleeping.


One Dog

$38 / night
  • Standard rate

Three+ Dogs

Call us / for a quote
  • Call for rate


Nail Trim

$14 / per dog
  • Only if your dog cooperates

Transport to Groomer

$10 / per dog
  • Uses the SDD Van


Food Provided by Owner

$0 / meal
  • Only applies if owner provides food for dog

Food Provided by Smart Dog

$3 / meal
  • Ask front desk for info on our current food

Food Purchase if Your Dog Runs Out

$10 fee + cost of food
  • Your choice of dog food brand



$0 / per dose
  • Includes injections


$32 / per dose
  • Oral version, good for 1yr


$6 / per dose
  • Flea prevention

Vectra 3D

$12 / per dose
  • Flea prevention+


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Reservation Notice

We request you make a reservation for daycare as well as boarding to ensure we have a safe and manageable number of dogs. Asking at least 24 hours ahead is the best way to guarantee your spot. We understand that last minute needs occur and will do our best to work w/ “day of” reservations. In those situations, there may be a $10 fee assessed.

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