❄ Doggies – What if the weather outside is frightful?? ❄

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What does Smart Dog Dallas do when the weather outside is frightful?

I can’t believe that I haven’t had to write this post until January this season, but the weather has been so cooperative there hasn’t been a need!  It was 68° outside last week!  No complaints here!!

Chauffeur Notes: As you know, pups have fun at Smart Dog Dallas no matter what the weather is!  With this said, there are a few procedures that change during very nasty weather.  First, and most importantly, if DISD cancels school, Smart Dog Chauffeur is also cancelled.  If DISD doesn’t want their kids out on the roads, I don’t want your dogs out there either.  If you really need daycare or boarding during the nasty weather, we will be open during normal business hours and you are welcome to drop your dog off with us!  NOTE:  If you are a medical professional or first responder, please contact Angela on her cell phone for instructions.

Time to go inside?  Second, we use our climate-controlled indoor playrooms more often in extreme temperatures.  Just like in the dog days of summer, we watch the dogs carefully to determine when they are uncomfortable and adjust their play location accordingly.  When it is really cold, we rotate – inside and hour, outside 10-15 minutes.  (This is frequently enough so our house-trained dogs don’t get worried if they need to go and just long enough for everyone to potty without getting too chilled.)  We know that all the dogs enjoy being outside more than inside, so (except for extremely cold days) we usually try to go out for longer periods of time in the afternoon after it warms up.

Wear that sweater! We also know that some dogs are more sensitive to the cold than others.  Smaller breeds, short-haired dogs, and geriatric pups are more prone to rapid surface loss of body heat.  We have sweaters and jackets for this very occasion.  Every dog is different and we pay attention to those individualities.  For example, those of you who visit the lobby know that Buddy has been happily wearing one sweater or another since it was 95° outside and throws a fit if you try to take it off.  Other dogs, like Hope, would rather make friends with a cat than be seen in a sweater (no matter HOW cute it is).  Please note that if you send your dog in a jacket or sweater, it might become damaged depending on how enthusiastic a player your dog is.  If it is a special garment, just play it safe and let us use one of ours.

Well, that’s it for our winter procedures so far!  Stay safe and play hard!!

Auntie A

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